Safe by design and operating responsibly

Integrate health, safety and environment into everything we do


We do not pursue this aim simply to comply with legislation; we do it because we know it significantly contributes to our overall business performance and protects our people. This responsibility extends to the communities we work in.

Safety and wellbeing

Upholding the safety and wellbeing of our customers, employees and contract staff remains among the top two most material issues for our stakeholders (alongside climate change) and is key to how we manage risk and protect business continuity and our reputation. Our HS&E Policy and Strategy emphasises safety in the design, build and use of our homes, as well as ensuring considerate and responsible conduct in our operations and culture.

Paul Shaw, Redrow Midlands MD on site

Reducing accidents and incidents

Fundamental to building responsibly is a commitment to continuous improvement on health, safety and the environment. For any incident or accident that occurs, we ensure that lessons are learned and improvements are made to how we plan, manage and monitor activities with new or enhanced operating and management procedures in place. We’ve also improved induction processes for new supervisors and plant operators.

Training course on site

Considerate constructors

As a responsible housebuilder it’s vital we manage our developments – and the build process – in ways that build positive relationships with the local community and respect the environment. As members of the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) since 2018, we undergo regular audits against the Code of Considerate Practice. In FY23, CCS scored our sites an average of 39.5 out of 45, significantly exceeding our target. CCS scores became part of the bonus scheme for our construction teams in the last year, further incentivising considerate practices.

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