Redrow celebrates 5 years working in partnership with the Community Wood Recycling Scheme

8th September 2021

We’re proud to say October 2021 marks our 5-year anniversary, working in partnership with the Community Wood Recycling Scheme, a national network which provides a collection and recycling service for excess wood. The valuable scheme operates as a social enterprise, creating jobs and numerous training opportunities for local people. 

In 2021, 518 tonnes of wood was collected from Redrow sites across the country and diverted from landfill, the equivalent weight of approximately fifty double-decker busses!

10% of the timber collected was ‘high-grade’ and subsequently used by local communities for DIY and building projects, or made into products such as bird boxes. The remaining wood was also processed into firewood, kindling, and woodchip helping to displace fossil fuels.

Richard Mehmed, Managing Director of the Community Wood Recycling Scheme commented, “We are delighted to be able to work with Redrow. Collecting wood from Redrow sites has created new, paid jobs and training opportunities for local people, which is making a real difference to our local communities.

As well as delivering positive outcomes for society, our partnership with Redrow has a positive environmental impact as wood is given a new purpose, which supports the circular economy and reduces the demand for new materials.”

Redrow is continuing to work with supply chain partners to improve recycling and reduce waste. This includes recycling schemes for pallets and paint-cans. In 2021, we’re pleased to say 97.65% of Redrow’s waste was diverted from landfill, exceeding the target of 95% by 2022.