Partnership will help to boost bee numbers

29th June 2016

We’re the only major home builder to partner with the trust, and have recently strengthened our relationship by undertaking a pilot project at our Saxon Brook development in Pinhoe, Exeter.  

The pilot project involved creating a tailored pollinator friendly habitat for bees and we will now use this as a blueprint to create similar wildflower areas at all of our developments in the future.  

Our Group sustainability director, Rob Macdiarmid, said: “We greatly value our partnership with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and we’re looking forward to forging a long-term relationship that will enable us to create more and more bee-friendly habitats across the UK in a bid to boost bumblebee numbers. 

“Our work at Saxon Brook is the first project we’ve undertaken on this scale within a new development and it’s expected that the knowledge we gain will be shared across our technical departments in all 14 of our housing divisions to expand the scheme far and wide.”

In the last 80 years bumblebee populations have declined dramatically.

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year, the BBCT has 9,500 members and has worked with over 400 farmers and landowners to create, restore or enhance over 3,000 hectares of flower-rich habitat for bumblebees.

Gill Perkins, CEO at BBCT, said: “Bumblebees keep us healthy by pollinating our fruit and vegetables. It is vital we reverse their declines and we aim to make new housing developments with Redrow Homes bumblebee havens. Our partnership will lead the way in promoting pollinator friendly landscaping on housing developments.”

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