Colleague Case Study: Assistant Customer Service Manager

3rd October 2018

From temporary Customer Service Coordinator to Assistant Customer Service Manager - a real success story! South Wales’ Elaine Cliffe gives us a quick insight into her Customer Service career with us so far.

I’m Elaine, an Assistant Customer Services Manager for the South Wales division. I manage Severn Heights, Tinkinswood Green, The Maltings and Plas Ty Draw. I was born and bred in Kent, but moved to Wales when I met my husband 18 years ago.

I began my Redrow journey as a temporary agency Coordinator to cover maternity leave. I was later contacted for a permanent position as a Coordinator, and was recently promoted to Assistant Customer Service Manager - which was my dream!

A typical day for me varies, but it tends to consist of doing customer service inspections, monitoring plot progression, carrying out home previews with the customers before legal completion, hosting welcome parties in the evening for neighbourhoods to get to know each other and obviously answering customer queries too!

I work closely with the Site Managers and Coordinators in the office. The Head of Customer Service for our division, Emma Morris, is very supportive too, so I can always go to her for a second opinion or advice. The other customer service managers are always helpful when you’re unsure with an issue, so it's nice to work together and help one another.

I love doing a home preview, it’s my favourite part of the day - it’s the first time the customers get to see their home when it’s nearly finished! It's a bit like Christmas morning to them - it’s lovely to see their excitement and how pleased they are, which is very rewarding.

When I first started, I was a bit nervous when it came to doing the welcome parties as I wasn't used to talking in front of people. However, from frequently doing them, my confidence has improved and I am able to believe in myself more - now I look forward to them!

I’d describe my role at Redrow as enjoyable, challenging and rewarding - as you can see, it’s made up of a mixture of things  and every day is different - which I love!

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