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Woodford Garden Village

Woodford Garden Village has been sensitively designed to positively enhance the openness of the Green Belt around it, restore areas of open countryside and re-establish public rights of way.

Key stats


new homes

including affordable and extra care

2 hectares

of new commercial land

plus retained jobs

19 areas

of play, parks or open space

plus a new primary school, pub and shops


The concept of placemaking emerged in the 1960s, coined by US writers like William H Whyte and Jane Jacobs, who focused on developing cities to benefit the people living in them. Since then it’s evolved to signify a creative, collaborative process that includes design, development, renewal or regeneration of the built environment. It can apply to large-scale city-wide developments, as well as individual projects such as Woodford Garden Village. 

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, within whose boundaries the majority of the Woodford site sits, sees placemaking as getting to know a place, working collaboratively with stakeholders to reach the best possible outcome and ensuring that residents and businesses are encouraged to play an active role at the earliest opportunity.

Woodford Garden Village was the culmination of many years of discussion and negotiation.


This 205 hectare site was previously home to Woodford Aerodrome, with a long history of aircraft manufacturing dating back to the 1920s, including production of many British aviation wonders like the Lancaster Bomber, Vulcan Bomber and Nimrod. When the facility closed in 2011, Redrow’s strategic land, remediation and infrastructure delivery arm, Harrow Estates, bought the site and led the planning of a comprehensive vision, working closely with Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council and Cheshire East Councils, whose boundaries the site straddled, as well as the local community.

One of the largest brownfield sites in the North of England, it was acquired without planning consent. Creation of the master plan took a combination of expertise and vision and a close working relationship with both the community and the two forward thinking local authorities over the course of two years.

The site

Woodford Garden Village has been sensitively designed to positively enhance the openness of the Green Belt around it, restore areas of open countryside and re-establish public rights of way. The history of the site’s aviation use is reflected within the site layout (eg. Runway Park), while tree-lined boulevards permeate through the village as a ‘memory’ of the previous runways and a new heritage centre occupies the former airfield fire station building. 

As well as tree-lined boulevards, there will be a network of green corridors for recreation, children’s play areas, cycle pathways, parks, meadows and extensive tree planting to create ‘Green Streets’ which also incorporate a Sustainable Urban Drainage system. Wide streets and clearly defined spaces make the development easy to navigate, whether by foot, bicycle or car, while strong pedestrian and cycle links ensure the development is well integrated with Woodford and the wider area.

We are building a community; one with properties for every kind of home owner, from first time buyers and young families to people in their later years, with masses of open space and all the amenities they need on their doorstep. The green spaces, parks, footpaths, cycle paths and relationship with the surrounding countryside will play an important role in promoting health and well-being and make Woodford Garden Village a better place to live.

Paul Sinclair

Technical Director, Redrow Homes North West


Customer case study: Trevor & Trish

The concept of a Garden Village instantly appealed to Trevor and Trish, as it allows them to have space, nature and a sense of community right on their doorstep.

Trevor in particular felt an instant connection to Woodford Garden Village. From 1965 to 1971, he worked for the RAF flying Vulcans; an aircraft that was made yards away from the development. Trevor now volunteers at the Woodford Heritage Museum, which houses the exact Vulcan plane he flew all those years ago.


  • Woodford Aerodrome closes

    The Aerodrome has a long history of aircraft manufacturing, dating back to the 1920s.

  • Planning applications submitted

    Harrow Estates produces Supplementary Planning Document to support the emerging Local Plan, which is subsequently adopted by Stockport MBC.

    In 2013 a series of public workshops and exhibitions is held, which shape planning applications submitted later that year.

  • Demolition begins

    A decision notice is issued by Stockport MBC and demolition and remediation work begins.

  • The site takes shape

    In 2016, Redrow Homes launches the first phase of its Woodford Garden Village, along with a show village of seven Heritage Collection homes. A village green is also created.

    Phase two, Lancaster Green, is launched in 2017.

  • More facilities to open

    A public house is due to open in 2019, with delivery of extra care units expected in 2020.

  • Community benefits

    Shops and a primary school are due to open when 450 homes are legally complete.

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"Greater Manchester has a huge need for new homes of all kinds to meet our rapidly growing population, help drive and respond to economic growth and accommodate demographic change. Woodford Garden Village is a project that can help our need for aspirational housing while demonstrating that development can protect and enhance environmental quality." Eamonn Boylan, Chief Executive, Greater Manchester Combined Authority

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