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Case studies

An in depth look at some of our most innovative developments


This West Yorkshire development is a living example of Redrow’s commitment to biodiversity and sustainability, with achievements on so many fronts.

Delivering our sustainable timber commitment

For the last 15 years, Redrow has been promoting responsible forest management and ensuring the eradication of illegal timber products from our supply chain.

Frenchay Park & Gardens

An exceptional development six miles north east of Bristol city centre, Frenchay Park and Frenchay Gardens combine a mix of Heritage Collection and bespoke contemporary homes amid an abundance of green spaces.

Horsforth Vale, Leeds

This mixed-use new community on the edge of Horsforth is a prime example of one of the Redrow 8 placemaking principles. Called ‘Keeping it local’, it’s all about understanding the unique and important characteristics of a site and its location.

Hartford Grange, Cheshire

Nowhere exemplifies ‘Built to Impress’ – one of the Redrow 8 placemaking principles – better than Hartford Grange, in Cheshire. The tree-lined approach, village green and beautiful new homes are complemented by newly planted hedges, garden trees and shrubs, which all combine to create a mature feel to the development and lasting first impression for visitors.

Amington Garden Village

Amington Garden Village, is a great example of how close cooperation with the local authority and adapting quickly to changing circumstances can successfully deliver much-needed new homes, community facilities and green space, alongside jobs and training.

PLASDWR Garden City

A brand new £2billion garden city for the 21st Century, within five miles of Cardiff, delivering up to 7,000 new homes and all the facilities of a fantastic place to live.


Woodford Garden Village has been sensitively designed to positively enhance the openness of the Green Belt around it, restore areas of open countryside and re-establish public rights of way.

Devonport regeneration

Redrow’s mixed-used Vision development includes a total of 464 homes, alongside six commercial units, 42 extra care apartments and a host of other community facilities, including a restored historic market hall, which is now set to become a digital community hub, and a central garden.

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Homes for veterans, Wilton

In Wiltshire, Redrow is playing a key role in a pioneering partnership to create a thriving new community where families will live alongside military veterans and service leavers, all on the site of a former army barracks.

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Frenchay Park & Frenchay Gardens, Bristol
24 May 2022 View PDF
Horsforth Vale, Leeds
29 April 2022 View PDF
Hartford Grange, Cheshire
10 March 2022 View PDF
Woodford Garden Village, Cheshire
24 February 2022 View PDF
Amington Garden Village, Tamworth
23 December 2021 View PDF
Saxon Brook, Exeter
11 September 2021 View PDF
Mill Meadows, Sudbrook
03 March 2021 View PDF
Heathlands, Buckley
22 September 2020 View PDF
Plasdwr, Cardiff
31 March 2020 View PDF
Horsforth Vale, Horsforth
31 January 2020 View PDF
St John’s Mews, Wakefield
31 December 2019 View PDF
Ebbsfleet Green, Ebbsfleet
30 November 2019 View PDF
Caddington Woods, Bedfordshire
02 September 2019 View PDF
Southbank, Yorkshire
14 November 2018 View PDF
Amington Garden Village, Tamworth
05 September 2018 View PDF
Heritage Park, Flintshire
30 August 2018 View PDF
Homes for veterans in Wilton
31 July 2018 View PDF
Barton Park, Northamptonshire
23 July 2018 View PDF
Devonport regeneration
11 June 2018 View PDF
Stretton Green, Cheshire
03 June 2018 View PDF
Lucas Green, Lancashire
22 May 2018 View PDF

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