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Kingsmead, Northwich

Redrow were the lead developer in creating Kingsmead, a large greenfield site in Cheshire. It has acted as a catalyst for the regeneration of the Northwich area and is the perfect example of the Garden Village concept.

It is a sought-after location with 5,000 people living in more than 2,000 homes from first time buyer properties to family housing and apartments. From the very beginning Redrow worked closely with landowners, the local authority and local community to develop a comprehensive master plan to make Kingsmead a sustainable and thriving community.

At Kingsmead, Redrow created a community with all the amenities residents need and an infrastructure to enable people to build businesses and create jobs to serve the community, all in a sustainable environment that brings them closer to nature.

Redrow worked hard to integrate green spaces and wildlife habitats into the fabric of Kingsmead by creating more than 10 miles of riverside walks and footpaths to promote the health and wellbeing of the community and enhance the area for everyone.

Transport links were fully considered too with Redrow building a new one and a half mile relief road to the centre of Northwich which cut journey times and reduced congestion at a renowned bottleneck.

More than three decades later, Kingsmead continues to prosper and enhance people's lives while providing much needed homes and jobs. Redrow are proud to have pioneered the garden village concept and continue to apply these principles in their developments across the country, creating a bright future for everyone in sustainable communities.